Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My moms Pick For the Fall "Mama & Papa" brand by Pilar Scratch

i have completly and utterly fallen in love with  this brand Mam and Papa. i was browsing through the girls line for my God daughter Keliegh and the Boys line Delivers just as righteously  – keeping your little dude as dapper as ever.  Everyone is aware that i adore mixing diverse Prints for River Mason . The reason why im completly smitten with Mamas & Papas brand. Its for the innovative gentlemen. It conveys every look i strive for my little pumkin River.

Mamas & Papas offers many items to fully dress your child, from clothing, to outerwear, and even accessories and shoes. Sizing is available from newborn to 6 years old.
Join the geek chic children’s clothing revolution today, by creating a signature look for them with Mamas & Papas fall 2013 fashion line!

-Pilar Scratch

River Mason Styled Session with Mom Pilar Scratch

I have the type of mother where she observes fashion at any time, place and location...

This week i was a littlw under the weather , as to why my mommy Pilar Scratch has been a little bit delayed in my blog posting ..


However , i feel better nonetheless. Now my mommy, pilar scratch is back to her blogging duties .

i was a my peditrians office when my mom saw this beautiful scenery and gave me a style session im one of her celebrity clients ...

I Wore ;

Blue & White Pen stripped Gap button up 
Fall Fuscia Gap Jeans 
Gray Kenneth Cole Dappers
Brown Raplh Lauren Beanie 
Sea Green Gap Rain Jacket 
Nothing beats a Raniny day with my mom Shooting to get my look visit

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Photo Shoot 3 : River Mason

As you guys can see my weekend was absouletly flanked with photo shoots.

 Secrectly, my mom is going nuts being my personal stylist ...But, She is amazing.


Nonetheless , this shoot was by John Cooley Studios as well. Homeboy, did an amazing Job So my mommy , Pilar Scratch, altered my outfits and did a two-day photo shoot with Mr. Cooley.
I know you guys want to know what my mommy dressed me in

I'm wearing :
Ralph lauren:  Classic wool sweater with a Ralph Lauren  blue & white pin stripped button-up
Baby Gap: Classic dark deniem Jeans and a fedora hat  Low tapered crown, 4.5 inches
Converse: traditional Blue & white chucks my daddy brought me


Photo Shott Two : Staring River Mason

Decided I'm goin to inform you all of my clothing since this shoot was

 Sponsored by "Oxy Childwear" dunbre shirt and eyewear.
Gap Kids,
and Ralph Lauren
.... Which i am offically a product sampler for.

I wore acid washed Jeans by Gap kids
my ny neon shoes were Ralph Lauren
and my dad purchased me the Gap signature  Jacket Last fall.

Despite it being the subsequent season my army signature Jacket will always be in style for the fall...One of the many reasons my Parents Love Gap Kids for me

This "Time-Out For River Mason"  Graffiti inspired shoot was shot by
John Cooley Studios
Who traveled from Virgina just to shoot with me.

Crazy Mommy!!! I get time out on set & i didnt even do anything =[

Monday, November 11, 2013

Photoshoot with River Mason

Before i headed to Miami this week with my mom, Pilar Scratch,I had a photo shoot with S&B photography ......

they are amazing to work with. It was an outdoors shoot & i really enjoyed myself .

Especially on the fountain it was so much fun take a look....

Friday, November 8, 2013

Who is River Mason?

Hi All of my future readers,

 My name is River Mason. i am the product of my mom and dad .I am the son of the famous celebrity wardrobe stylist Pilar Scratch and my dad Osagiele (soon to be investement banker) . In addition , im the the nephew of radio personality Madison Jaye of the love Madison Show & Assistant of WBls ... im also the great nephew of Hip Hop Icon Rah Digga.. I know I'm flanked by talent & Greatness...
Im a child model, & yes , River Mason is my real name ( Isimen-River ) I'm Nigerian , Puerto Rican, Dominican , & african american .... My mom & aunties joke that i'm the united nations.

This blog is going to convey my voyage in photo shoots, interviews and my journey of being a child model & soon to be reality television personality.
-keep flowing; River.