Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Photo Shoot 3 : River Mason

As you guys can see my weekend was absouletly flanked with photo shoots.

 Secrectly, my mom is going nuts being my personal stylist ...But, She is amazing.


Nonetheless , this shoot was by John Cooley Studios as well. Homeboy, did an amazing Job So my mommy , Pilar Scratch, altered my outfits and did a two-day photo shoot with Mr. Cooley.
I know you guys want to know what my mommy dressed me in

I'm wearing :
Ralph lauren:  Classic wool sweater with a Ralph Lauren  blue & white pin stripped button-up
Baby Gap: Classic dark deniem Jeans and a fedora hat  Low tapered crown, 4.5 inches
Converse: traditional Blue & white chucks my daddy brought me


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