Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Photo Shott Two : Staring River Mason

Decided I'm goin to inform you all of my clothing since this shoot was

 Sponsored by "Oxy Childwear" ...my dunbre shirt and eyewear.
Gap Kids,
and Ralph Lauren
.... Which i am offically a product sampler for.

I wore acid washed Jeans by Gap kids
my ny neon shoes were Ralph Lauren
and my dad purchased me the Gap signature  Jacket Last fall.

Despite it being the subsequent season my army signature Jacket will always be in style for the fall...One of the many reasons my Parents Love Gap Kids for me

This "Time-Out For River Mason"  Graffiti inspired shoot was shot by
John Cooley Studios
Who traveled from Virgina just to shoot with me.

Crazy Mommy!!! I get time out on set & i didnt even do anything =[

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